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Green hotel strategic transformation energy saving control costs

Date: 2014-12-28

Hotel industry as one of large energy consumption, as in recent years, along with the coal, electricity, oil, water, such as rising energy prices, the hotel industry and the rising cost of energy. In the face of the fierce market competition, energy conservation and emissions reduction, to reduce the cost burden as hotel based on the market, improve the competitiveness of one of the key factors. At the same time, in the face of the oil shortage, electricity, water scarcity of energy crisis, the hotel industry as one of the representative of the level of urban development, promote energy conservation and emissions reduction to improve the image of the hotel industry as a whole, promote the sustainable development of the society also has the profound significance.
Hotel energy consumption in China compared with developed countries, high level, reduce the energy consumption, means that the hotel management to reduce costs, improve the operating profit. According to the statistics, our country hotel power consumption level is higher than in the developed countries about 25% of the average power consumption. Therefore, in terms of saving energy and reducing consumption, to reduce the cost burden, our hotel is absolutely. By the Shanghai energy conservation engineering association will host during the innovation seminar star-rated hotel Shanghai green energy saving will be green intelligent construction and management, innovation solutions for energy conservation and environmental protection as the theme for communication and discussion. Conference will invite more than 50 star-level hotels hotel engineering department director, and each related department leaders, experts, and so on, common mining hotel management in the process of the key factors influencing the operating costs, sharing the energy management advanced experience, and set up the platform to help hotels docking with the suppliers.
In recent years, some star-rated hotel enterprises are also made some exploration in saving energy and reducing consumption, such as energy saving technology promotion center held by Shanghai innovation of star hotels in series of seminars in energy-saving review visited the expo intercontinental hotel overall energy-saving system renovation project, energy conservation and environmental protection of intercontinental pudong Shanghai hotel standardization pilot projects, as well as the galaxy hotel successful application to building energy efficiency demonstration pilot project experience sharing, we can see the results of happy.
But in the hotel industry in Shanghai and even in China, many of the buildings which are twenty or thirty years ago, from the reconstruction of building insulation, pumps, lighting, solar energy, air conditioning hvac, intelligent control and so on is still relatively backward, in the period of star hotels in building energy-saving series communication meeting, experts also said that there are still more than 20% energy saving space available. In the star class hotel Shanghai green energy saving innovation seminar will also set up Shanghai hotel energy conservation engineering technology committee, consisting of many star hotels engineering director of hotel energy saving technical platform, will drive the green hotel to achieve strategic transformation of Shanghai and even the whole country, provide a full range of green energy saving of energy saving of the innovative solutions that improve star-rated hotel green energy-saving management level.
Hotel energy conservation and emissions reduction work is a complete systems engineering, involves the hotel's various departments and the whole city environment for energy conservation and emissions reduction. Saving energy and reducing consumption in the hospitality industry play a role model for our country's energy crisis, at the same time, it will accelerate the green building energy saving in our country the pace of the transformation, the transformation and upgrading.