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Shanghai ancient town tourism strategy Ancient four big will go to wuzhen scenic spot

Date: 2014-09-30

Want to experience the ancient wuzhen, that must have been to the east gate, TV series "time-lapse" let's do a dream about wuzhen. There, around the humanities landscape, the residence of of primitive simplicity white tiles quadrangles, stroll the old street of antique, quiet and lively.
1. MAO dun's former residence
MAO dun's former residence is the place that MAO dun was born and lived, the former residence street south, is a brick structure of the general folk houses. Here's a what a thing is reflected in his childhood, recorded the time of his creation, viewing time can feel the scholarly family gas saturation of jing yazhi, in feeling endowed with the humanities.
2. The puppet theater
It is said that at present only wuzhen leather-silhouette XiGuan still be played, this folk art has a history of one thousand years in China, in the theater, the lights light up, looked at the old folk artists of bamboo stick in his hand on the white curtain magic into the site of some of the eternal legend, suchou dialect soft lyrics make stories more palate.
3. The jiangnan law UK folk museum
Jiangnan folk museum is domestic only show the ancient women's life folk custom museum, walk into here, thick cultural atmosphere will let you mind spread out a picture of jiangnan life picture scroll.