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Guest (xiangshan tourism "direct marketing" community in Shanghai

Date: 2014-07-28

Recently, xiangshan scenic tourism administration organization the county major tourist scenic area into Shanghai, in yangpu district, the pudong new area held a special "xiangshan tourism in Shanghai community" tourism promotion activities, for around Shanghai residents and tourists on the special preferential "kiss the sea, play, eat" boutique tourist routes and products.
Activities on the same day, 150 Shanghai community on behalf of the citizens and tourists to participate in the launching ceremony, songlan resort, xiangshan studio, xiangshan shipu fishing port city and rural organic associations respectively introduce the citizens to propaganda the xiangshan natural scenery, human landscape, home inn, such as tourism resources, and launching two coastal xiangshan summer tourism characteristic lines. Also through the promotion, sorrow, on-site consultation appointment methods such as visitors to interact with citizens, providing the latest information of tourism, tourist guides.
Before the event, the county tourism departments also recorded the delicious xiangshan seafood cooking show, how will choose fat fresh seafood and cooking methods to teach to the community residents, attract the general public visitors to xiangshan seafood gourmet tour experience. According to xiangshan scenic tourism administration bureau chief introduction, this activity through "direct passenger marketing" model, further increase in the Shanghai community residents especially the old knowledge and understanding of xiangshan tourism. The next step, the county will be in minhang district, baoshan district, a total of 24 community carry out promotional activities, citizens, to attract more visitors to xiangshan wash lung, watching the sea, eat seafood!